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One of my favorite memories! Running sound for Cody ChestnuTT at the Bing Lounge! Now called Skype Live Studios. The lighting was quite low by request.
Welcome to Sound Ghost Studios

We are an independent recording studio committed to preserving the integrity of our client's vision and purpose. We believe in an old fashioned encouragement of sincerity and excellence in our duties, and in discovering the creative benefits augmented by community collaborations.

Our services include:

UPDATES: Sound Ghost has temporarily closed its doors as we're moving to a new location. Where to? Well, we're not quite sure. We're looking for a property to call home somewhere in the Portland/Milwaukie area and hope to find it by year's end. In the meantime we're still in the song writing process and are able to mix and master small projects.

On a very positive note, we've finished final mixes for Bruhn's second record! ANALOG WAIT. Bruhn is selling pre-orders of the record at gofundme.com/analogwaitCD to help fund the mastering and duplication process.

If you have questions or would like our help in any way with your musical projects please let us know!


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