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Alex Arrowsmith's mix of Lucius' performance on October 9th, 2013 in the Bing Lounge for 101.9 KINK.fm Sound Ghost's Mike Alston running FOH
Welcome to Sound Ghost Studios

We are an independent recording studio committed to preserving the integrity of our client's vision and purpose. We believe in an old fashioned encouragement of sincerity and excellence in our duties, and in discovering the creative benefits augmented by community collaborations.

Our services include:

Just finished mixing KINK LIVE 16 for 101.9 KINK FM and Darrell Baker's Musical Comedy "Crazy Old Man". We're also well on our way with tracking the aboveboard blues of Violent Psalms as well as the new heart and soul of bruhn, Dr. Wattley, Red on Red and more. Stay tuned for some great records!


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